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Pretty Me

"I think this should look good on you", smiles mommy. She is holding up a green dress. My favorite color, I noticed. It's got laces on the sleeves. The hem seems to run till just below my knees. It's got pretty flower designs on it.

"I like it, mommy", I said with a smile. "Thanks."

"You're a big girl now, Leinorra. This is the least I can do. I'm sure you can do just as good."

"No, mom. You're still the best. How can I even compare to you?", I protested.

She gave a slight wave of her hand to dismiss my comment. "In fact, you are good in other things that I will never be. I'm proud of you, Leinorra."

I gave a slight blush. "That's because you and daddy sent me to the best possible mentor anyone can ever have."

The dress is in preparation for my coming of age ceremony. Mommy has toiled over it for a long time. It looks perfect.

I am taller than most girls. But that's probably because I'm skinnier than most. With a lanky stature, I am not too much of a looker for the boys, I must say. Which suits me just fine. I'm not overly fond of them either. They either pull other girls' pig tails or call them horrible names. They pretty much just leave me alone, though. If they even try anything, I just give them a vehement stare. I like to see them squirm though in all honesty, I'd never dream of hurting any of them.