->> Notched Scimitar <<-


Beginnings Abound

I am Leinorra Kasdan.

My friends - the few ones that I have - look for me sometimes to join them in their games. While I don't find their games distasteful, I feel they are somewhat... lacking. This girl longs for more rather than just throwing rings at a stick sticking out of the ground.

I always enjoy a stroll in the woods. I like the fresh green smells, the light rustling of the leaves, the incessant chirps of the birds, the trickling of the brook. There are moments of peace that I like to treasure.

My coming of age will be soon. I look with anticipation to what life will offer me. But judging from the older men's tales of premonition, perhaps I should look with apprehension on what life will offer me.

Perhaps we will see what fate will bring Leinorra Kasdan.